Dama Blanca Premium Crafted Beer

Essence of Andorra

Premium Crafted Beer made with ingredients from Andorra

Why Dama Blanca?

For tradition. For design. And because we love good beer. At Dama Blanca we think it's dificult to find these 3 elements together, thats why we decided to create our own beer.


Andorra is a tiny country in the middle of the Pirenees. This place is rich of good people, quality of life and it's surrounded by an amazing nature. At Dama Blanca, our goal, is to share that vision to the world.

Premium Quality

We only use top-level quality ingredients to brew our beer. We take care of all the process, from the brewing to the packaging, and the way we communicate with partners and clients. Quality is a fundamental pilar at Dama Blanca

100% Natural Ingredients

All ingredients used in our beer are 100% natural.


All the beer's organoleptic properties are preserved.

Premium Quality Ingredients

At Dama Blanca we only use first quality ingredients to craft our beer

Exclusive and Innovative Design

We are proud of our packaging. It's clear, clean and functional. It protects gold inside


Natural Bubbles

The carbonatation is naturally generated in the second fermentation in the bottle.

Additive free

Our beer don't contain sweeteners, colors additives or any chemicals.


Dama Blanca contains water and honey from Mountain Hights of Andorra

Maximum Respect and Dedication

This product is made with all the love we can to brew a high-level beer



Or Contact directly at enjoy@damablancabeer.com